Frequently Asked Questions

Does TinyPoll work with Android?

Currently, no. This is a limitation with how iMessage apps work. However, I'm currently working on a solution.

Do all my friends have to install TinyPoll to use it?

Currently, yes. Your friends on iOS can install the app to vote for free simply by tapping on your poll. For those on Mac, you can vote by clicking the link in the chat and voting on web.

Note: An earlier version of this answer was incorrect, and has been updated.

Is TinyPoll free?

Yes, with a few exceptions. Voting will always be free. You can also create 1 free poll every 24 hrs with up to 3 options. You can subscribe for $1.99 USD / year to unlock unlimited polls and polls with up to 5 options.

Do my friends have to buy the upgrade too?

No. The upgrade only unlocks features for creating polls. Once a poll is created, anyone it is shared with can vote for free. Voting will never cost money.

Why does TinyPoll have a subscription instead of a one-time purchase?

TinyPoll uses servers to keep track of your votes. Those servers cost money to run every month. So in order to make sure I can keep the service running forever I need to charge an ongoing fee.

How do I uninstall?

Please see this article